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IJCAI 2020 Workshop

Disease Computational Modeling (DCM) at the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence 2020.January 8, 2021, Japan. →


In recent years, AI technologies have been widely used to develop healthcare applications, e.g. computer vision for medical imaging, speech recognition for clinical voice assistant, natural language understanding for chatbots to answer frequently asked questions in medicine. A series of surveys and reviews report the state-of-the-art technologies special for deep learning methods used in healthcare, and tutorials have been given in recent years at top AI conferences to help audience apply deep learning methods to healthcare applications with heterogeneous data.

Besides healthcare applications, there is still a huge space to uncover the disease-centric computational models, towards a better understanding of the course of a disease. In this workshop, we wish to address the fundamental challenges of building disease computational models based on advanced AI technologies. This calls for methods that can discover:

or other novel disease models that potentially put meaningful insights in healthcare.